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Newport Extra Large Transitional Wall Sconce

Newport Extra Large Transitional Wall Sconce



Product Description

The fabulous “cottages” of Newport stand as witnesses to America’’s Gilded age. Newport lends the luster of its name to a collection of lighting fixtures in iron with metal filigree galleries in burnished gold with silver highlights. Distressed mirror panels have a stunningly different look when illuminated from within. Taupe silk shades have unique matching metal filigree galleries.

  • DIMENSIONS: H 26″ x W 15″ x D 7″
  • BULB: B-10
  • WATTS: 60
  • BASE: Candelabra
  • SOCKET: Phenolic
  • BULB QTY.: 2
  • SHADE: 4 x 5 x 6.5
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