Tulip 4.5" with Leaves Integrated LED Cast Aluminum 12v Path Landscape Light

Product Description

CONSTRUCTION: Cast aluminum Tulip; matching extruded aluminum stanchion
LIGHT SOURCE: 12v, 4w, 300 lumen integrated round LED flat panel, warm white 3000K
12v EXTERNAL DRIVER: 4w 350mA output, 12v AC input. Voltage range of 9 to 18 volts with optimum operating range of 10 to 15 volts for consistent performance and brightness. For use with magnetic transformers only.
SOCKET: None- LED is hard wired inside fixture
LENS: Clear acrylic
WIRING: Black 3 foot 18/2 zip cord from base of fixture
MOUNTING: Black 9" ABS stake, tapped 1/2" NPS

Finish Options

Black Texture
Weathered Brown
Weathered Iron
Camel Tone

Line Drawing