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Restored Washington Irving Chandeliers are Prepared for Pickup

Restored Washington Irving Chandeliers are Prepared for Pickup

All ten chandeliers from the Washington Irving Intermediate School have now undergone a complete restoration and are ready to be transported back to Tarrytown, NY, one full week ahead of schedule.

Grand Light’s restoration team had disassembled each of the ten chandeliers into 120 individual components per chandelier, then stripped, buffed and refinished each piece in antique brass. After coming back from the metal workshop, the components were reassembled, rewired and tested. The chandeliers were then inspected any signs of structural damage and weakness and given approval to be sent back for installation.


To ensure safe travel from our Connecticut-based restoration facility to Tarrytown, NY, custom wooden crates were manufactured for each of the ten chandeliers.


A fully restored chandelier being prepared for shipment.


Several of the restored Chandeliers


A closer view of the custom crates


More of the fully restored chandeliers

Washington Irving Intermediate School along with the other Public Schools of the Tarrytowns are currently undergoing a major renovation including a renovated 2nd grade building, larger classrooms, expanding the library, a new art room, renovated music rooms, a new nurses station and renovations of the existing offices.

Grand Light was given the task to restore several fixtures from the schools’ auditorium, including the full restoration of these ten chandeliers as well as manufacturing a custom-made exit sign.

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