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Grand Light Returns from Mobile Alabama

Grand Light Returns from Mobile, Alabama

It took approximately one day of dis-assembly and two days in transit, however the Grand light two man crew has returned from the Saegner Theatre in Mobile Alabama with the 84 year old chandelier, where it will begin to undergo evaluation and further dis-assembly.

Below are pictures of this historic chandelier which is roughly 10′ in diameter and 8′ tall and has an estimated 144 sockets. The chandelier was dismantled from the bottom up. There were three tiers of various size crystals on the bottom of the chandelier, then were the 3 halves that make up the large beaded bowl. The large steel ring was supported by several 1/2″ steel arms that connect to the center shaft of the chandelier, and was then supported by chains that are connected to the upper tier of the chandelier center stem. Given the age of the chandelier, components did disassemble smoothly, although they were buried under several layers of dust and grime.


Removal of the lower tier of crystal prisms.


The large chandelier as the mid section is dismantled. This portion of the chandelier is three sections.


All sections of the crystal bowl removed, and the ring is being disassembled for removal from the center stem


All remaining chandelier components prior to being packaged and loaded in to the truck for transport back to New Haven.


Once the chandelier was disassembled, all components were carefully packaged and loaded onto the truck to make the journey from Alabama to Connecticut.

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