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Saenger Theater Chandelier Restoration Begins

Saenger Theatre Chandelier Restoration Begins

New Haven, CT – After initial project evaluation and documentation, the Grand Light team has begun the restoration of the large chandelier which showcases the center of the Saenger Theater in Mobile Alabama.

This chandelier will undergo several processes during the course of its restoration. The first steps are the evaluation of the fixture, finish, electrical and mechanical condition and the disassembly of all components for mechanical inspection and re-wiring. This chandelier is a large ring measuring approx 10 feet in diameter with a center shaft that measures approx 8 feet tall. At the bottom of the large ring there are three steel frames with over 10,000 faceted crystal graduated chains. Initial inspection discovers in access of 125 mechanical failures within the crystal support frames.  Each of these failures will require replacement of existing wire and solder with new stainless steel wire and heat penetration solder.  This fixture has approx 163 lamp sockets in four separate clusters, all of which will be re-wired using UL listed components and tested in accordance with UL standard.



Pictured is the ring and center shaft, cleaned and striped of all previous electrical components.

 Grand Light artisan cleaning the inner portion of the 10′ diameter decorative ring in preparation of applying a protective finish and new electrical wiring and components.


Removal of the internal lighting cluster in preparation of cleaning and rewiring. Each lighting cluster arms required removal with high heat to soften the original thread hardner.


Grand light artisan at work preparing the crystal baskets metal surfaces to accept the stainless steel wire and solder repair for the 125 mechanical failures. Each of these failures required replacement of existing wire and solder with new stainless steel wire and heat penetration solder.


Chandelier extreme lower frame holds the individual crystal drops. This frame required mechanical realignment and refinished to match the original finish. A protective museum grade lacquer is applied on all metal surfaces to ensure decades of metal protection.

blog_8.jpgAbove is the top mounting canopy and main support armature. Through the years it has experienced serious water damage to the point the 20% of the steel shaft wall has deteriorated. This entire canopy and hanging system will be reconstructed.

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