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Restoration of the Saenger Theater Chandelier Nearing Completion

Restoration of the Saenger Theatre Chandelier Nearing Completion

New Haven, CT – The restoration of the large chandelier which suspends from the center of the ceiling of the Saenger Theatre is nearing completion. This fixture has undergone several steps during the restoration. Nearly every component on this chandelier has been refinished, and the final product is simply stunning.

Shown are pictures of the lighting clusters which suspend from the bottom of the chandeliers main column and outer ring which are concealed by the large crystal sectionals. Each of the lighting components on these clusters were removed, bead blasted, cleaned, then they received a coat of primer, two top coats of paint, and two top coats of a protective lacquer and then re-wired. The inner part on the ring was re-finished using the same steps as the clusters, however the outer ring and center shaft were re-gilded in certain parts, and original guild had been conserved in other areas where it was possible. They were then re-wired as well. The center shaft, ring and lighting clusters were wired with four separate circuits, using UL listed components. As the final step in the wiring process, all circuits and components were tested in accordance with UL standards.


Grand Light artisan wiring and inspecting the cluster components in preparation of testing.


Two of the central clusters are assembled in preparation of additional testing. Note: All of the electrical connections are terminated with wire nuts, two layers of shrink tubing, and a electrical tie wrap to secure these connections. 


Clusters are re-attached and undergoing Hi-Pot test to assure there are no electrical short comings in any of the electrical components and overall assembly.


This is the large gilded outer ring with 48 lamp sockets is hi-pot and load tested. 


After testing is complete, the assemblies and smaller components are packaged with protective materials awaiting delivery and on site assembly.


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