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Saenger Theatre Chandelier Completed

Saenger Theatre Chandelier Completed

Mobile Al – The Grand Light crew and truck arrived on a rainy day to the Saenger Theatre where several of the theater personnel were waiting to help unload the chandelier pieces and bring them inside.

For this project a thorough inspection took place, in which we found mechanical failures in the structure, faulty wiring, and deterioration of all the components. The components had to be individually restored. Metal surfaces were bead blasted, the crystal strands had to be re-weaved and the gilt surfaces had to be cleaned and re-gild. We used protective materials to coat the restored components to help prevent future damage.

The fixture had to be completely rewired in order to comply with UL standards. In the final step of the wiring process, all circuits and components were hi-pot and load tested.

The assembly was done inside the theater and took two days. The outer ring was first installed, followed by the spindles and crystal baskets. The fixture was tested and inspected at each step. When assembly was complete, the chandelier was lifted up, while local media recorded the historical event.

Finally, hours and hours of dedicated restoration work came to an end, and this truly grand chandelier will once again illuminate the Saenger Theatre.


The truck arrived safely to Mobile.


The parts were removed from their packaging and spread on the floor in the order they will be needed. The large outer ring is placed on two rows of seats. Pieces of wood and bubble wrap make sure it will not damage the seats.

The outer ring is inspected. (in red the ring before restoration)

first test.JPG

spindels connected.jpg

The spindles are added, followed by more testing and more light- bulbs. The fixture is now up to code. (in red, the structure before restoration, wiring not up to code)

second basket.JPG

The crystal baskets are added around the main structure. (in red, before the crystal strands had many flaws, they were crochet with stainless steel wire when restored)

inspecting and cleaning.JPG

Another inspection to make sure all is right. The crew then uses cleaning supplies to remove any finger prints or dirt from the chandelier.

chandelier ready for hoisting.jpg

The chandelier is then ready to be lifted up. (in red, the fixture when it was removed)

final test.JPG

(in red is the dissassembly of the bottom basket)

lifted to the top.JPGThe spectacular fixture is in it’s place and looks flawless. Another restoration project by Grand Light comes to a happy end.

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