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St Josephs Cathedral Lighting Retrofitting Begins

St Josephs Cathedral Lighting Retrofitting Begins

New Haven, CT – Grand Light has designed a custom retrofit kit that is designed to work with the existing historic Frink lighting fixtures at the St Joseph’s Cathedral in Hartford, CT. This custom design allows the use of the current historic lighting system for improved efficiency and lower operating cost. This kit was designed to use the a QL Induction Lighting System that would enable a ultra long life per unit, consistent color, and the ability to dim as needed. There are a total of 232 fixtures that are installed in the ceiling which is 100 ft up. Each of the fixtures will be removed and modified in the Grand Light Shop, and returned to the cathedral.

The way that this system will work with the existing fixture is that the current fixture top, which looks like a hat, will be modified so that a box can be mounted on the top of the hat in order to house the generator, which is required to allow the lamps of the QL system to illuminate. All of the internal components of the current fixture, including the incandescent socket, miscellaneous hardware, and the custom alzak reflector will be removed. The only component that will remain of the original interior components of the top portinion of the fixture is the alzak reflector once the retrofit kit is installed by Grand Light. This reflector has to be modified to accept the custom heat sink which will connect to the power coupler of this QL system, which serves as the igniter for the QL system. The final internal component of this retrofit kit is the lamp, which connects to the power coupler.

Light Bay
Shown in the photographs is half of the 100 foot ceiling where the Historic Frink lighting fixtures are installed in their own clusters of 6 surrounding the star. Each star has its own Bay above the ceiling containing the 6  fixtures that can be adjusted to reach different levels of light output.  This fixture also has several interior Fresnel lenses that can be adjusted to reach different levels of light output as well.

Shown is the drawing of the custom designed retrofit kit by Grand Light



Shown in this photograph is the retrofit kit unit that was used as a mock-up. You can see the box that is attached to the top of the hat, the original modified alzak reflector which is holding the power coupler, custom heat sink, lamp, and the original fixture body.


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