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Saving The Sag Harbor Cinema

The Sag Harbor Cinema, originally called George’s Theater after builder George Kiernan, was opened in 1915 on the East End of Long Island. By 1936 the theater had undergone a complete makeover under famed architect John Eberson of New York. In 1978 the theater was sold and renamed the Sag Harbor Cinema.

Unfortunately, the building facade was destroyed by a fire in December of 2016. The theater is currently being rebuilt and restored in an effort to help preserve Sag Harbor’s historic Main Street and provide a haven for the showing of independent, foreign and documentary films in the Hamptons.

The surviving historic exit signs would not only be restored, but also used as a template to replicate new exits to be installed in the renovated theater. Extreme attention was taken to replicate the original exit sign’s intricate detailing to accurately capture the historical significance.

Modern LED technology was incorporated into both the replications and restored exit signs. New replica etched “EXIT” on ruby red flashed glass faceplates were fabricated and a custom historically accurate gold painted finish was applied.

The assembled custom exit sign replication highlighting the custom LED application and historically accurate finish.

For more information regarding the restoration of the historic lighting fixtures from the Sag Harbor Cinema project, you may review the Historic Lighting Restoration Project Webpage.

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