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Shrine of the Miraculous Medal Lantern Restoration Replication Nearly Completed

Shrine of the Miraculous Medal Lantern Restoration and Replication Nearly Completed

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The replication of a large outdoor lantern from the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal is nearing completion.  It will soon be given a matte-black textured finish and then rewired in accordance with UL standards.

Shrine Lantern Replication
The original fixture, seen in the photo above, was located near the front entrance of the building. To restore the fixture, the frame of the lantern was removed from the pole, and all individual components were disassembled so that they could be individually inspected for damage and repaired as needed. Once disassembled, the frame, pole, and individual components of the fixture were glass-bead blasted to smooth the surface profile and to remove all undesirable residual contaminants; preparing the surfaces for the powdercoat.

Numerous holes that were drilled to hold plastic panels during a previous repair were filled in, and copper tabs were soldered to the lantern’s frame for the purpose of holding new glass panels.

Each component was then individually replicated and reassembled to form an identical match of the original.  Both the original and the replication can be seen in the image below.
Shrine Lantern Replication

Both the original and replicated lantern will now be given a powder coat, matte-black textured finish, and then rewired in accordance with UL standards.

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