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Shubert Theater Lighting Fixtures Restoration Continues

Restoration of Shubert Theater Historic Lighting Fixtures Continues

The restoration of dozens of lighting fixtures from New Haven, Connecticut’s Shubert Theater is moving along steadily.  The fixtures include nine small flush-mounts, 18 large flush-mounts, 5 pendants, and dozens of one-light and two-light sconces.

Over the years, the flush-mounted ceiling fixtures from the theater had suffered broken panels and severe frame and cage damage. Due to excessive heat from the fixture lamp, and over tightening of the bottom mounting screw, the cages on these fixtures had bent away from the glass and broke. Grand Light re-shaped the fixtures by pulling the cages back out to their original shape without causing any further damage.
Missing & damaged components have been replicated including interior straps which hold the glass in from the inside, decorative straps in which the glass sits on from the inside, and decorative filigree along the edges.  This was done by making a mold of the originals so the pattern and dimensions would be the same.

Shubert Theater Lighting Restoration

Pictured above are several of the smaller flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, nearly all of which have now been completely restored and re-wired.

Numerous wall sconces including two-light and single light fixtures have been cleaned, re-wired, and given new sockets. They have been hi-pot tested and will be safely packed for delivery back to the theater.
All four of the hanging pendant light fixtures have been completely restored. Damaged banding has been replicated and replaced and the fixtures have been both cleaned and re-finished. In addition, all fixtures were re-wired and given new UL listed components.

Shubert Theater Lighting Restoration
With only the large flush-mounted ceiling fixtures remaining, the project is moving along as scheduled and is expected to be completed shortly.

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Grand Light has restored, replicated and manufactured custom lighting fixtures at every scale, including various projects at Yale University, the Lincoln Square Theater in Decatur, IL, The Otesaga Resort and Hotel in Cooperstown, NY, The Shubert Theater in New Haven, CT, and other prestigious projects nation wide.

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