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St Josephs Cathedral Lighting Progress on the First Thirty Six Fixtures

St Josephs Cathedral Lighting – Progress on the First Thirty-Six Fixtures

New Haven, CT – The fixtures arrived and Grand Light’s first order of business is to dismantle and clean each unit prior to assembly with the new parts. Cleaning and retrofitting of the first 36 fixtures has begun. Work will be done in stages, consisting of 36 fixtures at a time.

Here is a time-lapse video of the work being done.

We measured and created a template for drilling the holes into each hat and set up additional tables to help with production flow. While the hats were being drilled, the reflector was modified to fit the custom built heatsink and attached to the heatsink.

After the holes were drilled, we fitted long screws and spacers into the hats to fit the generator casing onto. We ran the wiring for the unit in preparation of the arrival of the generators while verifying each unit’s status through a quality assurance process. Below you can view pictures of the steps we went through to get ready for the generators.
Heatsink and reflectors for each of the 36 units stand assembled and ready.
Hats are cleaned and drilling started on the mounting holes for the generator bracket.
Generator cases are connected and the units are ready for wiring.
Units are wired and ready to have generators put in and the connection of the heatsink assembly.

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