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St Peter’s Church LED Lighting Retrofit

St Peter’s Church, located in Plattsburgh, New York, was chartered in 1853 under Reverend Jean-Pierre Bernard to create a Catholic church for French-speaking residents. Today, Saint Peter’s is the largest Roman Catholic Church congregation in the Ogdensburg Catholic Diocese.

Grand Light teamed with Baker Liturgical Art LLC, located in Plantsville, Connecticut, and Ripman Lighting Consultants, INC, located in Belmont, Massachusetts, for an energy efficient lighting project. The goal of this project was to take the existing luminaires and design a LED specific core retrofit system enhancing the performance of the fixture while significantly decreasing its energy consumption and maintenance.

After significant product tests, calculations, and mock-ups; a custom LED illuminaire retrofit assembly was designed for installation in the existing fixtures. The system incorporates Nichia Series157 Power LEDs for up lighting and a custom tailor made ENERGY STAR certified down light utilizing the specified CCT.

The down lights were installed with a custom matching color trim, which took the place of existing louvers allowing maximum spread and lumen output.


Of the twenty-one fixtures, there were two different sizes. The larger luminaires hung in the main sanctuary and measured 39.75″ tall by 16.5″ wide and the smaller fixtures hung in the side isles and measured 27.25″ tall by 13.5″ wide.

The existing incandescent configuration for the large luminaires included three up lights at 300W each, three body lamps at 60W each, and one 500W down light with a concentric ring louver. The total energy consumption with this configuration is 1580W.

The existing configuration for the small luminaires included three up lights at 75W each, three body lamps at 60W each, and one down light at 500W. The total energy consumption for the configuration is 905W.


Grand Light designed this assembly which was to replace the existing assemblies on both luminaire types included three up lights, three body lights, and one down light with concentric ring louver. Each assembly was sized appropriately for the size of the housing. The larger pendants were retrofitted with a 42W down light providing 3431 lumens and a 57W core providing 3960 lumens. The smaller pendants were retrofitted with 14W down light providing 1238 lumens and a 35W core providing 2470 lumens. The original lamping assembly for the large fixtures used 1580W, which is reduced to 99W total with the new LED assembly. The smaller fixtures originally used 905W which were reduced to 49W total using the new LED assembly. Not only were we able to reduce the energy consumption, the life rating was raised from 1,200 hours to 50,000 hours.


The assembly is designed to drop into the fixture housing, utilizing all original mounting points and chain connections. The original luminaires are not structurally compromised or modified in any way. All assemblies were installed by Grand Light and all lead wires were supplied as specified by the electrical contractor making installation the matter of plug and play.


The custom trim for the down light served for both aesthetics and function for the down light. All luminaires had concentric ring louvers on the bottom which were removed to allow for a longer core to provide even illumination throughout the fixture. Each trim is flush with the body and is painted to match the existing, aged color of the luminaire.


For further information regarding the specifications of the interior lighting array and down lights installed in the two different sized fixtures, please click on the above specifications sheets.


Grand Light designs and fabricates custom retrofit solutions for a large variety of lighting fixtures incorporating custom designed LED Illumination assemblies. Down lights are available standard as 14W, 28W, and 42W but may be custom ordered in 1W increments to meet any applications special needs. Light colors are 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 5000K, while custom colors are available by request. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

Grand Light specializes in the restoration of historical luminaires of every scale, material, finish, and design. From professional diagrams and plans for your project to rewiring fixtures to UL standards, our specialists have proven their reputation as exceptional lighting restorers. 

For more information regarding this project, you may review the project homepage at St Peter’s Church.

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