LED Retrofit

A University “Enlightened” – An LED Lighting Upgrade

Grand Light is restoring and modernizing numerous historic interior chandeliers, pendant and ceiling lights from a prominent Ivy League University. The goal of this project was to take the existing luminaires and utilize our LED Advantage Systems to enhance the performance of the fixture while significantly decreasing its energy consumption and maintenance.

Ivy League Lights Receive “Brilliant” LED Update

When compact fluorescent lamps are upgraded with an LED Retrofit, the result is a room that is up to (3) times brighter, savings up to 80% in annual(recurring) energy costs, and extended operational lifespan. These upgrades are a great long-term investment into overall energy savings, and many local utility companies honor rebate programs as incentives for these retrofit projects.

Preserving The Past With Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Grand Light has over a decade of experience modifying existing lighting systems with energy efficient LED retrofit kits for a variety of clients including government, religious, educational and cultural institutions, architects, electrical contractors, and designers. We pride ourselves on preserving the historic integrity of a fixture, while upgrading an existing lighting system with brighter, more efficient lighting.