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Washington Irving Intermediate School's Light Restoration Begins

Washington Irving Intermediate School’s Light Restoration Begins

As part of a massive renovation of Washington Irving Intermediate School in Tarrytown, NY., Grand Light has been called in to restore a series of ten chandeliers and to design and fabricate ten custom exit signs for the schools’ auditorium.

In our preliminary research on the school, we’ve learned that it was founded in 1925, and was designed by Gilbert & Betelle architects in a Collegiate-Gothic style.  Also, Grand Light’s team has prepared conceptual drawings of the custom exist signs we will later hand craft for the school.

The team is excited to be working on the pieces, and as work progresses we’ll be posting more images and detailing the restoration process.

In the mean time, here are some images of one of our concept sketches of the exit signs, and of the chandeliers as they hung prior to being uninstalled and shipped to our New Haven workshop.


One of the ten chandeliers in the set.  Note the broken glass and dulled finish.


The concept sketch for the ten custom exit signs that will be used in the same auditorium as the chandeliers.

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