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Washington Irving School Chandelier Restoration Progress

Washington Irving Chandelier Restoration Progress

The first of several chandeliers being restored for Washington Irving Intermediate School in Tarrytown, New York has progressed according to schedule, and the piece is now nearing the finishing stages of the restoration.

Of the ten chandelier’s being restored by our team, this is the first (or “prototype”).  The experimentation to match the original finish has been successful as the antique brass has been recreated perfectly.

Below are some recent photographs taken from our workshop, where the team has completed work on the structural components, stripped and refinished the metal components with the identically matched antique brass.  At this point, the prototype is now ready to be lacquered and reassembled.

The two bands to the left and center component to right have been refinished in antique brass, ready to be lacquered like the component in the bottom right corner.  The two pieces above are an example of what the stripped un-finished “raw” metal looked like.
Above are more stripped, unfinished components.


The frame which holds the arms of the chandelier, stripped and cleaned, awaiting refinishing.
More stripped and cleaned components to be refinished, including several chandelier arms.


The stem of the chandelier, stripped and cleaned.

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