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First of Ten Washington Irving Chandeliers Completed

First of Ten Washington Irving Chandeliers Completed

For the past several weeks, Grand Light’s restoration experts have been working on the prototype chandelier for Washington Irving Intermediate School in Tarrytown, NY. After disassembling the one fixture, which had one hundred and twenty components, the structure of the chandelier was inspected and repaired as needed.

From that point onward, the pieces were individually stripped, buffed and then refinished in antique brass.

After coming back from the metal workshop, the hundred and twenty pieces were reassembled, rewired and tested.  With the prototype completed, the client reviewed and approved the final product.

With nine more fixtures to restore, each with one hundred and twenty components, the restoration team is now continuing their work in a production line fashion and their progress is on schedule.

Here are some images of the fully restored prototype:

W_I_Blog.jpgThe pieces after being refinished, and prior to final assembly.


More of the refinished components, including the two major structural pieces and glass.

W_I_Blog_3.jpgA closer view of one of the glass pieces.

W_I_Blog_4.jpgThe completed chandelier as it undergoes final testing.

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