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Wall Sconces and Mica Shades from Weehawken Schools Repainted

Wall Sconces and Mica Shades from Weehawken Schools Repainted

WEEHAWKEN, NJ – Work continues on the complete restoration of eight wall sconces from Weehawken High School and Theodore Roosevelt School in Weehawken, NJ.

The wall sconces being restored feature mica shades with painted patterns. To restore the shades, the original paint was removed utilizing plastic bead blasting at a very low pressure.

Weehawken Wall Sconce Restoration

The original pattern was traced so that it could be reapplied by a skilled painter.  During this process, it was determined that the pattern contained some flaws.  The letters, Theodore Roosevelt’s initials, were originally painted in a less-than-perfect attempt at a Gothic typeface. In addition, the emblem was not symmetrical and needed to be slightly modified.

Mica Shade Pattern Stencil

Once the original paint was removed, the shades given two coats of incralac, and the pattern was transferred to the mica.  

Weehawken Mica Shade Stencil

Before applying the paint to the pattern on the shades, different colors were tested so that the reapplied paint would be as close to the originals as possible. Some of these colors are pictured in the scan below. While the scan is close, the colors are not quite true. The darker gold appears more metallic in the original than what the scan shows. Also, the blue has a slightly greener cast on the original than the scan.

Weehawken Wall Sconce Restoration

While the mica shades are being repainted, work on the rest of the sconces continues. Each fixture has been completely stripped of its original coating of paint and will soon be repainted and rewired in accordance with UL standards.

Weehawken Wall Sconce Restoration

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