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West Point MacArthur Short Barracks Lighting Restoration Progresses

The restoration of eleven exterior lantern from the West Point MacArthur Short Barracks is well underway. All of the fixtures have been thoroughly inspected and evaluated based on the quality of the finish and structure. It was determined that the lanterns finish had failed due to an excess of Verde green patina in combination with bird excrement staining, requiring repatination of the top components to match all other existing lantern components. Once the finish is blended and consistent, a UV resistant lacquer top coat will be applied to these fixtures.


Shown above is an example of the lack of uniformity in the finish throughout the various lantern components.



Shown above is a lantern top and back-plate being media blasted to remove excess patina and foreign material such as bird excrement staining.


Shown above a lantern top with an excess of Verde patina in comparison to a lantern top after Grand Light artisans have blasted the surface with a combination of various medias. This process removes any excess patina and foreign material such as bird excrement staining prevalent on numerous components.



Shown above is Grand Light artisans repatinating the lantern tops and decorative lens holders. This process involves brushing a patina onto a components surface before meticulously burnishing to blend and match for a uniformed look across all components.


Shown above is a comparison of before and after the repatination of a lantern top to insure color uniformity.


Shown above are the lantern components once color uniformity was achieved. In addition to finish failure, it was assessed that the lanterns had experienced severe structural damage which had compromised the integrity of the fixture and caused major mechanical defects in the the frames. These mechanical defects include damaged decorative lens holders on the bottom of the lanterns, rusted screws that were improperly used as tabs for holding lenses, missing hardware, and damaged or missing frame components and sections. The next step in restoring these historic lanterns will be to correct all structural damage while replacing and replicating any missing and broken components to maintain the historical accuracy of these fixtures.

Grand Light specializes in the restoration of historical luminaires of every scale, material, finish, and design. From professional diagrams and plans for your project to rewiring fixtures to UL standards, our specialists have proven their reputation as exceptional lighting restorers. 

For more information regarding this project, you may review the project homepage at West Point – MacArthur Short Barracks.

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