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White House Visitor Center Historic Wall Sconce Replication Completed

White House Visitor Center Historic Wall Sconce Replication Completed

New Haven, CT – Grand Light has completed the replication of the wall sconces for the White House Visitor Center, in Washington, D.C.

 A total of eight historic replications were made using cast brass and hand forged iron. An original fixture was shipped to Grand Light were it was disassembled so that molds could be made to replicate cast bronze components, and the iron components served as a template to our craftsman for replication on the hand forged pieces. The cast brass components will be antiqued to appear to look aged as the originals are, and the hand-forged steel will received a wax coating to enhance to rustic look of the hammered finish.


Prior to replication a drawing is made to serve as a template for replicated components. It is them submitted to our client for approval prior to replication.
White House Visitor Center Wall Sconce
Shown is the original sconce from different views, giving a perspective of the detail that was needed to be achieved for our replicated components.
Shown are the cast bronze leaves that wrap the bottom of the hand forged elements.
Shown are the replicated cast bronze back plates.
Shown are the cast-bronze filigrees that wrap the historic sconce light socket.
Completed replicated assemblies that are ready for wiring and antiquing to give them an aged look.
A side by side comparison of the original sconce and the replicated sconce.

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