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Calhoun College Chandeliers Ready for Assembly

Yale University’s Calhoun College Chandeliers Ready for Assembly

The majority of the components for the four large antique chandeliers mentioned in our previous updates have been completely restored, and are currently being reassembled.

Antique Chandelier Restoration

In the picture above, you can see the first of the four chandeliers to be completely restored, rewired, reassembled, and tested.  As a part of the restoration process, the chandelier was completely stripped of it’s components, cleaned, buffed, and given a non-yellowing UV resistant lacquer coat.  Once reassembled, hi-pot testing was performed to assure that the wiring was in accordance with UL standards.

Antique Chandelier Restoration

The difference in appearance following the restoration of the chandelier was awe-inspiring.  Once completed, the remaining three chandeliers along with the rest of the antique lighting fixtures from Yale Calhoun College will be preserved for decades to come.

Antique Chandelier Preservation

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