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Restoration of Yale University Calhoun College Light Fixtures Begins

Grand Light Begins Restoration of Yale University Calhoun College Light Fixtures

Yale University has announced that in 2008 it will begin a full-scale renovation of their Calhoun College.  As a result of the high level of satisfaction with the work previously done for Yale University, which includes the Marquand Chapel chandeliers, Dwight Hall fixtures, and the Divinity School chandelier, the experts at Grand Light were contracted to begin the extensive restoration of the light fixtures for the college.

Formally established in 1932 at the corner of College St. and Elm St. in New Haven, CT, Calhoun College and its original light fixtures have been serving students and facility alike for almost four generations. The fixtures, which were fabricated out of brass, copper, iron, and other metals and designed in the traditional fashion, include large chandeliers, wall sconces, outdoor hanging lanterns, and outdoor wall mounted lanterns.

Restoration work has been started by our highly talented and skilled team of experts who are truly excited to begin another project for Yale University. Each light fixture will be restored in accordance with the project specifications.  When required, fixtures will be replicated in order to pay homage to the original.

Below are photographs of the original light fixtures as they were removed from the campus and brought to our restoration facilities. As the restoration work progresses, more details and images will be posted.

AEX07-A_01_PreRestro.jpgAs seen from the photo above, the condition of this wall sconce reflected the overall condition of the fixtures that are to be restored.

AEX01_02_PreRestro.jpgThis antique outdoor lantern reflects its age and general wear and tear from exposure to the rapid changing New England weather that is experienced at Yale University’s Calhoun College in New Haven, Connecticut.


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