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Yale University Lanman Wright Hall Restoration Lighting Begins

Yale University Lanman Wright Hall Lighting Restoration Begins

Seymour, CT – Yale University Lanman Wright Hall, Widely referred to as LDub, houses Pierson and Berkeley freshmen. LDub is notable for having some of the smallest rooms at Yale, with most bedrooms being doubles with bunk beds and common rooms being relatively small. Despite these, LDub affords residents a notably communal atmosphere. Students spend less time in their respective rooms. The courtyard is also well used. LDub entryways are all linked by LDub Courtyard, which is the most popular semi-enclosed place on Old Campus. It is elevated, with benches and trees, and is conveniently located beside Old Campus’s Elm Street entrance, and nearby its High Street one. Because of this, it is often used as a social hub or meet-up point for freshmen.

Grand Light will be restoring seven of the original exterior lanterns. Each lantern will be bead blasted to remove all of the existing finish and a beautiful satin finish will be applied, with the addition of replacement frosted seedy glass panels. All mechanical defects, and missing parts will be repaired and replicated to match the existing components. All fixtures will be rewired with two circuits, one of which will be an emergency circuit, in accordance to UL standards. This historic lanterns will be retrofitted to accommodate modern fluorescent lighting technologies.


Shown above is a fixture in its original  condition and position on Lanman-Wright Hall. Each lantern was carefully removed and packed with the utmost care before being shipped out to Grand Light. Upon arrival at our facility, each fixture is inspected, documented and labeled before being disassembled.Yale_Lanman_Wright_Hall_6.jpgShown above is an example of the battered state and unsightly finish. These lanterns original paint, marred by age and the elements, have begun to corrode leaving a less than desired finish. This layer of paint will be removed under the careful direction of our specialists using bead blast. After the removal of the original paint, a gorgeous satin black paint will be applied to all fixtures.Yale_Lanman_Wright_Hall_3.jpgShown above is an exterior lantern that is missing glass panes due to damage and age. All of the glass panels will be cleaned and all foreign surface residue removed. Those panes that are cracked, damaged, or missing will be replaced by frosted seedy glass panels.Yale_Lanman_Wright_Hall_4.jpgThrough a commensurate amount of passion and dexterity, Grand Light is excited to return these grandiose fixtures to their former glory.
More information regarding this project can be viewed online by clicking the link for Yale University Lanman Wright Hall Exterior Lighting Restoration.

For further information regarding this project you may contact our project manager:

Ryan Stockman
800-922-1469 ext 110

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