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Yale Sterling Chemistry Light Fixture Replication and Globe Replacement

Yale – Sterling Chemistry Light Fixture Replication and Globe Replacement

New Haven, CT – Sterling Chemistry Building, a part of Yale University in New Haven’s Science Hill for almost 6 decades, has tasked Grand Light to replicate the wrought iron and cast bronze fixture and create custom cut glass globes to replace existing plastic globes.

Grand Light replicated thirteen fixtures in total which matched the original fixtures. The fixtures were made up of cast bronze and iron components. The body of the was hand forged using iron, and was received a black patina finish. The twisted bands and chain loop from the body of the frame were made in cast bronze. The fixtures were made to match several existing fixtures in the building which had been removed at some point and were lost. In addition to the replicated fixtures, all of the existing fixtures had acrylic globes. It had been decided as a part of this project to change all of the existing acrylic globes to glass, in addition to the replicated fixtures. The globes were custom made to accommodate a 7″ fitter which is not an industry standard and then a 4″ hole was custom cut in the bottom to allow the lamps to be changed without removing the globe from the fixture.

Prior to reproduction the fixture was drawn using the original as a template.
Each component is hand forged to match the existing components of the original.
Shown is the custom 7″ diameter fitter opal globe with the custom cut 4″ hole.

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