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Yellowstone Old Faithful Lodge Historic Fixture Restoration Begins

Yellowstone Old Faithful Lodge Historic Fixture Restoration Begins

Yellowstone National Park, WY – The restoration of 188 historic lighting fixtures from the Old Faithful Lodge at Yellowstone National Park has begun. The fixtures will undergo a series of different processes before they’re released back into the lodge to ensure they are free of defect, durable, and will continue to service the lodge for the next 100 years.

Once the fixtures were taken apart, each frame was individually inspected for structural damage and defect. All frames that are missing rivots, have bent components, or that are missing components such as tabs to hold glass, will be repaired or will have components replicated. Most structural issues appear to be on the top and the bottom spear portions of the fixtures, where there are twisted and bent, and require straightening. Some of the fixtures frames are bent and have missing rivots which hold the fixtures together, all of which will be straightened and replaced.

pendant fixture restoration.jpg
Lighting Fixture Repair.jpgPictured on the left is a typical fixture needed structural repair. They have the bent upper and lower spears as well as twisted frames. One the right is the same frame as it undergoes the structural repair process of this project.

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