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Falls Collection 4 Light Small Crystal Chandelier

Falls Collection 4 Light Small Crystal Chandelier



Product Description

The Falls Collection is a striking, contemporary lighting fixture featuring clear crystal strands that cascade from the gleaming frame. Adorned with a chrome or gold finish, this design includes exudes iridescence and shine.

  • Three different crystal grades in addition to two different frame finish choices allows the Falls Collection Mini Crystal Chandelier to suit any design application
  • 4 light, 60 watt candelabra base bulbs (not included)
  • Trimmed with Royal Cut Crystals
  • Also available trimmed with Swarovski Spectra or Swarovski Strass Crystals
  • Width: 14”
  • Height: 12”

Crystal Cuts

Royal Cut Crystal:

A combination of high quality, lead-free, machine cut and polished crystals, and full-lead machine-cut crystals, whose appearance rivals that of a more expensive chandelier crystal.


Swarovski Spectra Crystal:

SPECTRA® CRYSTAL stands for reliable quality and machine cut crystal by Swarovski. As the basic line for the lighting sector it offers the most important cuts in clear crystal, undergoes stringent quality control and is responsibly produced.

In offering the best crystal for uniformity of sparkle, light reflection and spectral colors it is only surpassed by the premium crystal line of Swarovski.


Swarovski Strass Crystal:

Strass Swarovski is the leader in fine leaded crystals and chandelier prisms. Strass Swarovski Chandelier Crystals is a product line made especially for the chandelier market. STRASS Swarovski Crystal, which has a lead content exceeding 30%, is the luxury brand name most requested by leading crystal chandelier manufacturers and can be seen sparkling in fine homes and museums.


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