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Iron Chandelier to be Replicated for Private Residence

Iron Chandelier to be Replicated for Private Residence

Grand Light was recently contacted by a client who wanted to replicate a chandelier that he had seen in Europe. Using a picture he had provided as inspiration, Grand Light’s artisans sketched out their interpretation of what the new chandelier will look like.

Please have a look below to see the photo of the original chandelier, along with our shop drawings which will serve as a blueprint for production of the replication.

European Chandelier
This is the provided picture of the original chandelier. The replication will be made with wrought iron and painted flat black.

European Iron Chandelier Replication

Shop drawing showing the diameter of the chandelier showing how the arms will attach to the ring.

European Iron Chandelier Replication
More chandelier detail along with dimensions.


This drawing shows the arm in detail, and a linen style shade, along with it’s dimensions.


Grand Light has created custom lighting fixtures of every style and for every application. Our team of specialists is comprised of professional metal workers and glass blowers whose mission is to create or re-create lighting fixtures of the utmost quality and authenticity.

We can create professional diagrams and sketches for your custom lighting project, ensuring the accuracy of your fixture’s design. Our electrical components are all Underwriters Laboratories listed and tested accordingly, and our custom lighting team stands confidently behind their work with years of experience and dedication to quality craftsmanship.

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