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Arts and Crafts Lanterns Phase 1 Complete

Arts and Crafts Lanterns Phase 1 Complete

New Haven, CT – Grand Light has completed the fabrication of stage one in the custom Arts and Crafts lanterns project. This stage included two types of outdoor wall mounted lanterns, and two sizes of post mounted lanterns. These lanterns were delivered yesterday to the client’s residence in NY.

Grand Light will now continue with the next stage of the project that includes fabricating the 10 large indoor column sconces and 2 large entry foyer and side entry fixtures of this custom home. While the indoor lantern have the same style as the outdoors lanterns, their look will be more refined by omitting the rivet detail, and using a warmer mission brown finish as opposed to natural copper.

photo9.JPGThe lanterns were delivered to the client’s residence were they will be installedphoto10.JPGA view from the top shows the rivet detail and the thumbscrews that hold the roof of the fixtures in place

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