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Custom Arts and Crafts Lanterns

Custom Arts and Crafts Lanterns

Grand Light was contacted to fabricate several large custom outdoor and indoor arts and crafts style lanterns for a private up-scale residence in New York. Theses fixtures will give a graceful uniform appearance to the interior and exterior of the home, while being varied in type and size.

This project includes two large outdoor entry fixtures, 11 outdoor wall mounted lanterns varying in size, ranging from 19″ to 24″ in height. There will be 4 column mounted fixtures that are designed to match the fixtures being fabricated for the walls and the front entries. Custom backplates will be fabricated 2 of the wall mounted lanterns in order to accommodate angel mounting on the back side of the home. All the outdoor fixtures have slanted sides and a mansard top, and will have pronounced riveting detail that will give them a raw look. All the pieces have either a removable top or a removable bottom held in place by thumbscrews. For the inside of the home, 10 large wall fixtures will be fabricated that range in size of 24″ to 19″. These lanterns are designed to highlight features of the large windows installed in the home.

All of the custom outdoor lanterns are designed in the Arts and Crafts style and are made in copper with amber mica glass panels, and will not receive any patina finish. A protective coating of lacquer is applied to the Mica panels to help protect them from the elements. The indoor fixtures will have a brown patina applied to metal to achieve an antiqued look on the interior of the home and will also have the amber mica panels.  The lantern designs were drafted by Grand Light (see below) and Cardboard mockups were created to serve as a working sample as to what the client was expecting. Having the items in realistic sizes and look can help the client visualize how it will look on his property. When all the details were approved, fabrication started.

swatches2.jpgThe natural copper and amber mica combination
Type_A1A.jpgA sketch of an outdoor column mounted fixture that will be mounted on the stone wall that follows the driveway into the house.
Type_A2A.jpgA wall mounted outdoor lantern. Some designs sport a custom backplate that allows mounting in a 45 degrees angle
Type_A3.jpgThe indoor lanterns which will be mounted on interior columns in a large over living area inside the home.
A4A.jpgThe large hanging fixture is designed to flow with the designs on the wall mounted exterior lanterns and the column mounted lanterns. This fixture will hang in the entry foyer and a smaller version will hang at a second entry point to the home.100_3566.jpgShown are cardboard mock-ups that were presented as a basis for the design, prior to the fabrication of the actual fixtures.100_4218.jpgShown is a large front entry door wall mounted fixture.

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