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Arts and Crafts Lanterns Project Phase II Complete

Arts and Crafts Lanterns Project Phase II Complete

New Haven, CT – Grand Light has delivered phase II of this project which included the interior lanterns. In this phase we completed 10 wall lanterns designed for the interior of the house.

The design for the interior pieces was in vain of the outdoor Arts and Crafts lanterns, but with straight line features – flat sides and a flat top – making it easier for the fixtures to seamlessly merge with the interior design. The lanterns were fabricated with brass and amber mica panels and refinished with antique copper.
The indoor lanterns came in two sizes: a smaller one with a 24″ height, and a larger one with a 32″ height. Both sizes have the same base size of 11″ and 13″ top. All lanterns have two clusters with dual sockets.

A3.jpgThe design in the drawing has been improved since it was first introduced
A3_group.JPGThe indoor lanterns were delivered to the private residence
A3_top.JPGA closer look shows the thumbscrew details at the top, the mounting canopy, and the deep finish

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