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Reconstructing History – Grand Light’s Custom Replication Capabilities Expands

Grand Light has created custom lighting fixtures of every style and for every application. Our team of professional metal workers excel in Forming, Forging, Spinning, Stamping, and Hydroforming various materials such as Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, and Copper.

Grand Light’s production process in machining and manufacturing custom lighting fixtures and components in both large and small quantities; from minor components to the complete fabrication of full sized lanterns or other custom lighting fixtures, our artisans can accommodate any client specification or deadline.

With our automated lathes, stamping, and welding equipment aid in our ability to craft metal components to project specification with unparalleled design, quality, and durability. Our custom lighting team stands confidently behind their work with years of experience and dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Introducing Our New Industrial Caliber CNC Waterjet Cutter…

Meet Grand Light’s New Industrial Caliber CNC Waterjet Cutter, to be utilized for a wide range of component fabrications, prototypes, and replication in a multitude of durable material including brass, steel, aluminum, glass, and acrylic.

The cutting power of our new waterjet comes from fine abrasive particles that mix with the pressurized water at 4,600 psi. Proprietary software offers precision, historically accurate drawings for cutting and replication of custom components.

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