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Custom Outdoor Column Mounted Fixtures in Progress

Custom Outdoor Column Mounted Fixtures in Progress

New Haven, CT – Grand Light has been contracted to recreate a 2 column mounted outdoor lighting fixtures for an upscale residence in Pittsburgh, PA. As a part of this project, original components were to be utilized in the fabrication of the new fixtures.

What was left of the original fixtures were sent to Grand Light and was determined that the only component that was salvageable on these existing fixtures were the cast bases. The existing frame would serve as a model towards achieving the original look of the fixture.


Pictured are the components as they had arrived to our New Haven facility.

The fixtures were recreated in the utilizing the same technique by which the original one was created. Steel was rolled and then riveted together. A hinged door is added to the steel case to access the lamp.


Shown is the completed raw fabrication of this column mounted fixture. The top spinning down to the original base are all of the newly fabricated components. The fixture will be prepped for painting, will receive 8 clear/ frosted glass panels and will be wired to accommodate a 100 watt A lamp.

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