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Grand Light specializes in assisting a project’s design team in the design, engineering, restoration, and manufacturing of aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, and practical lighting solutions for historic and commercial properties.

Operating nationally, Grand Light’s pre-project planning and design services include:

  • Comprehensive survey, analysis, and documentation
  • Computer modeling, rendering, and drawings
  • Custom design, replication, fabrication, and manufacturing of lighting fixtures
  • Specification development with recommended mechanical, electrical, and finishing restoration processes

Historic fixtures are individually inspected and documented during a site survey. Typically, a site evaluation involves an on-site visit to examine, identify, and document the existing condition and all mechanical, electrical, and finish deficiencies of each lighting fixture.

Site evaluations are common with large-scale restoration projects, and provide key insight into project cost projection, operation and maintenance considerations, design and construction principles, and required restoration processes.

What Your Site Evaluation Includes:Outdoor-Wall-Lighting4

  • On-Site with Grand Light Specialists
  • Detailed Condition Report
  • Hands-On Analysis
  • Exceptional Client Communication

To specify the scope of work required for a project, Grand Light carefully considers all provided information in addition to meticulous historical studies. For new replications of existing and non-existing lighting, work shall include complete studies of photographs, drawings, and available historic information; allowing concise preparation and design of engineering drawings with complete bills of materials for the fabrication of each fixture.

Completed fixtures shall meet all applicable codes, NEC guidelines and UL procedures.

Our 60,000+ Historical Archive Sources Include Fixtures From:

  • Edward F. Caldwell & Co.
  • Bergmann & Co.
  • Virden Lighting
  • Bradley & Hubbard Mfg. Co.
  • …and more!

Outdoor-Wall-Lighting4During on-site survey, all existing fixtures are thoroughly photographed and documented. Profile drawings are created for use in representing how the components fit together and may highlight sections and elevations showing the assembled components, or an exploded view showing the relationship between components and how they fit together.

For custom designed and replicated fixtures, Grand Light submits shop drawings indicating proposed assembly and fabrication of structural elements, and the installation of materials. Our shop drawings generally relate to pre-fabricated components, showing how they should be manufactured or installed.

These drawings may be drawn by hand, prepared using computer-aided design software or a combination of both.

What Our Drawings Can Detail:


  • Structural Modifications
  • Materials
  • Lamping Information
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Damages/Deficiencies
  • Finishes
  • Mechanical Connections
  • Mounting Details
  • Dimensions
  • Special Provisions
  • …and more!

Outdoor-Wall-Lighting4We are proud to announce the launch of our new Pre-Project Planning Resource Book! This booklet highlights key resources and capabilities available to our clients including comprehensive on-site surveys, specification development, and drawings.

As a member of the restoration and custom lighting community, we’d like to personally invite you to be the first to own a copy of the brand new 2020 Lighting Design & Pre-Project Planning Resource Book.

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