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Custom Designed Chandelier Featured In Hollywood Production

A Grand Light Custom Designed Chandelier through our SIGNATURE Collection was recently featured in a major scripted Hollywood television production. *Please Scroll To The Bottom To Join Our Community in Guessing What Major Television Production This Custom Designed Chandelier Will Be Featured In!

A concept drawing was drafted to depict the production intent along with dimensions and detailing. The chandelier was designed to utilize (2) break points within its center stem for quick disconnect during a production stunt.

Once the initial design was approved, the drawing was recreated as a computer generated model to be used not just in fabrication of the new chandelier, but for the creation of a foam prop replica chandelier to be used during a production stunt.

Custom Designed Chandelier Fabrication

Utilizing our SIGNATURE Collection components along with custom castings, Grand Light artisans were able to create a one-of-a-kind piece that far exceeded the project goal.

Hollywood Custom Designed Chandelier

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