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Pool Lantern Restoration

Pool Lantern Restoration

New Haven, CT – Grand Light has been contracted by an upscale residence in White Plains, New York to restore 8 large brass lamps which hang above a 126′ indoor, Olympic sized swimming pool.

These fixtures were brought to Grand Light because of mechanical failure to the air ventilation system in the wing of this upscale residence in White Plains. These lanterns were exposed to high levels of moisture and chlorine due to this mechanical failure with the ventilation system and suffered severe damage to the finish and mechanical components. Staining had been present throughout the fixtures.

The appearance of the fixtures after there had experienced the harsh conditions. Surfaces that were once a bronze color and green verde throughout.
Significant rust and corrosion had been discovered on each fixture..
Each fixture is taken apart. Some parts are walnut blasted and other are cleaned to remove unwanted oxidation.
Once the components were cleaned, Grand Light Artisans hand apply a patina in order to enhance the apperance of the fixtures and reverse unwanted oxidation caused by the mechanical failure..
Shown is a completed unit.
There are eight fixtures in total and they are completed awaiting to be packaged and delivered back to there owner..
All 8 brass fixtures restored and re-installed and in place over the Olympic size pool.

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