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Saving Historic America

Saving Historic America, From Coast To Coast

Grand Light’s Artisans are Saving Historic America!!! Summer 2023 is flying by with plenty of legacy projects commencing that have taken our team across the county!

Check out just a small sampling of where our trailers have trekked to recently.

First Stop A Historic New England Church…

Saving Historic America Lighting Restoration

Working in conjunction with church personnel, our on-site team recently removed and transported a massive historic crystal and pewter-plated to Grand Light’s Lighting Restoration Factory located in Seymour, Connecticut.

…Then The Premiere Social Club In The Country…

Saving Historic America Chandelier Restoration

During an on-site removal, all existing chandeliers were thoroughly photographed and documented. Profile drawings were created for use in detailing materials, lamping information, assembly, damages/deficiencies, finishes, dimensions, mounting details, structural modifications, and special provisions.

Saving Historic America Lighting Restoration

Our on-site team came fully prepared to disassemble and remove the historic brass chandeliers without causing any disruption to the daily activities of the social club.

…To A Classic American Theme Park

American Artisans Saving Historic America

Grand Light transported 100+ restored and custom exterior fixtures to a renowned historic theme park. Each fixture was carefully labeled, packed, and carefully transported in our custom trailers.

Saving Historic America Lighting Services

For more information regarding our On-Site Capabilities & Services, please visit our On-Site Services Webpage.


As we move further into 2023, be on the lookout for more exciting project updates, success stories, and news straight from the artisans!!!

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