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New SIGNATURE COLLECTION Shines At Historic Chapel

The Pine Orchard Union Chapel, built in 1897, is a historic nondenominational chapel located in Branford, Connecticut serves as a venue for numerous community events, weddings, memorials, parties, and concerts.

The 120+ year-old building is currently undergoing a three-step restoration project for safety, structural, and artistic improvements while maintaining the historical integrity and character of the original historic design.

The existing non-historic, standard production Williamsburg fixtures had failed to compliment the beautiful interior space of the chapel and required replacement.

Grand Light designed and fabricated custom chandeliers through our SIGNATURE COLLECTION that both preserved, complemented, and enhanced the historic aesthetics of the main chapel. Utilizing our SIGNATURE components along with custom castings, Grand Light artisans were able to create a timeless piece that far exceeded the project goal.

What a difference American craftsmanship and ingenuity make in creating intricately detailed and elaborate fixtures to compliment such a beautiful chapel!!!

For more information regarding Grand Light’s SIGNATURE COLLECTION, you may review our Fine Lighting Catalogue.

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